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Your English Teacher


Abigail Picket

English Teacher
  • Natively bi-lingual
  • Experience of teaching English and French
  • Ski instructor, speak to Abi about combining English and Skiing!
  • Climbing instructor, speak to Abi about combining English and Climbing!
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Phone Me: +33 6 30 35 52 10

Natively bilingual having been raised in Chamonix with English parents. I have grown up in a mixture of French and British culture. It is thanks to my proficiency in both languages that ​​I can explain the difficulties you encounter in English, I can put myself in your place and understand the problems you encounter.

While maintaining a playful approach, I will analyse your needs and help you achieve your goals with the English language.

I am also a ski instructor and teacher of climbing, I also offer courses ski / mountain / climbing for mountain professionals who wish to improve English oriented. Courses out in the mountains, on the slopes or on a cliff for a much more playful approach, and the perfect setting for practical language learning

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Phone Abi: +33 6 30 35 52 10